Sobha Orbis

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1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms

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Sobha Realty redefines the concept of luxury residential living with a repertoire of real estate projects across Dubai. At Sobha, the Art of the Detail is more than just a philosophy that permeates every aspect of their projects. Its meticulous attention to detail defines every project, crafting luxury living experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Nestled in Dubai’s vibrant tapestry, Motor City offers a coveted blend of cobblestone lanes and spacious homes, creating refined charm.

Step into the world of Sobha Orbis. Nestled amidst the dynamic cityscape, Sobha Orbis emerges as an emblemm of refined living, beckoning those who crave the pinnacle of sophistication. From ots sleek architectural design to its sumptuous interior finishes, every facet of Sobha Orbis is meticulously curated to evoke a timeless aura of luxury. Here, indulge in a realm where extravagance knows no limits, there each amenity is tailored to fulfill your every desire, and where every moment exudes a palpable sense of grandeur.

Welcome to Sobha Orbis, where luxury finds its truest expression. Premium 3 tower luxury apartments stand as a jewel in the crown of this vibrant new community. From sleek contemporary design to lavish finishes, every detail has been curated to indulge your senses and elevate your living experience. Experience unparalleled convience with access to the latest amenities right at your doorstep. Whether you crave rejuvenation or recreation, our community offers a wealth of options to cater to your every need. Dive into the refreshing waters of our resort-style pool, unwind in the serene ambiance of our landscaped gardens, or stay active in our state-of-the-art fitness center – all within walking distance from your home.

Sobha Orbis

Finishing and materials

From sleek contemporary design to lavish finishes, every detail has been curated. Meticulously crafted apartments exude sophistication and elegance, offering a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary.

Kitchen and appliances

Equipped kitchen



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Motor City in Dubai is a unique and lively community that combines the essence of urban living with a captivating theme centered around the world of motorsports and automobiles. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, this community is an embodiment of modernity, innovation, and passion for all things automotive.

The streets of Motor City are adorned with a distinct charm, echoing the revving of engines and the excitement of racing. As you wander through this neighborhood, you’ll notice the architectural design and layout that pays homage to the theme, with road names reminiscent of famous race tracks and automotive legends. It’s a place where enthusiasts and families alike come together, united by their shared love for everything related to cars and motorsports.

Motor City’s commitment to green spaces and landscaping is evident in its beautifully manicured parks and lush gardens. These serene areas provide a welcome escape from the exhilarating atmosphere of the community, offering a peaceful retreat for residents to unwind, exercise, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

In addition to its residential offerings, Motor City boasts an array of recreational facilities, from well-equipped fitness centers to inviting swimming pools, jogging tracks, and sports courts. These amenities cater to an active lifestyle and encourage residents to stay fit and socialize with their neighbors.

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1 bedroom
2 bedrooms

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Booking 20 %
construction 60 %
Remise des clés 20 %

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