Bliss Homes

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1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms

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Q3 2024

Description of: Bliss Homes

Bliss Home is a reflection of one’s life, dreams, and aspirations. That is why we have developed family residences in the most thriving and promising neighbourhoods of Dubai. Residential projects are planned with the highest standards of safety and security, modern amenities and excellent service.

Developer’ve been crafting more than homes; we’ve been nurturing families. Commitment goes beyond construction – it’s about building havens where laughter echoes, bonds deepen, and every day is a testament to the enduring strength of family. Welcome to a legacy of nurtured living.

Discover your haven, where every room whispers of warmth and every corner echoes with laughter. A beautiful home beckons, promising not just living space but a canvas for your family’s journey. Unfold the chapters of growth, love, and shared moments in the embrace of a truly special abode.

Bliss Homes

Finishing and material

Modern finishing with high-quality materials with smart home system

Kitchen and appliances

Only kitchen cabinets



The project in pictures


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Price of Bliss Homes:

1 bedroom
2 bedrooms
Rashed Aljabri Real Estate Development LLC

Payment plan :

Booking 20 %
Construction 20 %
Remise des clés 60 %

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