L’Oasis Dorée redefines luxury in Dubai

Dubai’s luxury real estate department marked a significant milestone with the sale of the first properties in the Golden Oasis, attracting worldwide attention from wealthy investors.

Unrivalled demand for Golden Oasis properties

Estates and land in this exceptional destination have been snapped up, with the first phase of residential villas sold out within hours of launch.

L’Oasis Dorée: A Gigantic Real Estate Project

Spanning 13.4 km², twice the size of the Majestic Palm, the Golden Oasis promises to become a new real estate landmark in Dubai, with over 80 hotels and resorts planned.

Explosive growth in the Dubai real estate market

The emirate’s real estate market is recording a massive increase in transactions, with volumes and values reaching historic highs.

L’Oasis Dorée: The Dream Address for the World’s Fortunate

This prestigious new address attracts wealthy real estate investors from all over the world, offering a luxury lifestyle unrivalled in Dubai.

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