A commitment to sustainability and innovation

ACUBE, an energy construction group based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is set to enter Dubai’s real estate sector with a vision focused on sustainability and innovation. With a planned investment of over $100 million over the next three years, ACUBE intends to launch a series of residential projects that will redefine industry standards.

The ecological innovation approach

ACUBE focuses on sustainability and innovation, with an in-house R&D team dedicated to creating cutting-edge energy-efficient and waste management technologies. These innovations include the use of solar energy through special materials integrated into the buildings’ glass facades, demonstrating a commitment to environmentally-friendly construction practices.

An international reputation

Ramjee Iyer, President and CEO of ACUBE, pointed out that, although the company is new to the Dubai real estate development scene, it already enjoys a solid reputation thanks to its residential projects in London and Chennai, India. In addition, ACUBE operates a sister company, ACUBE Vacation Homes, in the Dubai rental market, strengthening its position in the real estate market.

Current projects and future vision

ACUBE already launched its first residential project, Adhara Star, in Dubai last month, and plans to launch a second project before December this year. The company has stepped up its land acquisition efforts in Dubai and aims to develop one million square feet of gross floor area by 2025. In the first two years, the Group will focus primarily on residential projects to establish its presence, before diversifying into commercial projects.

Investment opportunities

ACUBE offers investors the opportunity to participate in quality projects, with the possibility of making a 15-20% profit by reselling a unit after project completion. Another option is to rent out properties to generate stable passive income. In addition, investments of over AED 750,000 (approx. USD 204,000) in real estate qualify investors for a 2-year investor visa. A 10-year gold visa is issued to those who purchase a residence worth AED 2 million (approx. USD 545,000).

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